Kd Player Free Download

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Kd Player Free Download

Additionally, KD Player allows you to use you phone's number keys to operate menu and playback options.

It also supports ID3 tags, display album covers, visualization, as well as interchangeable skin.

An image file supported by KD Player (jpg, png, bmp) has got to be already made available in the folder of corresponding audio files which will serve as the album.

Another great feature of KD Player is its 'preferences' option where you can enable or disable scanning subfolders in your phone's memory as well as your memory card.

Scanning of subfolders can be enabled and disabled in the 'preferences' option.

The program can play back audio files that are supported by the phone model, most commonly, and audio files.

The applications also hosts its own volume control which is separate to the volume of the mobile phone device it is running on.

However, KD Player is still not available for Smartphones like iPhone, Windows mobile and Android.

Skins for KD Player have shown that the album art can be made bigger depending on the skin's layout.

Customability One of the most sought after features of KD Player is the ability to custom change the theme design by the use of designed created by users to enhance.

These components are necessary in order to search for files as well as playback audio files.

It had been speculated that skins using any form of transparency will fail to load on a Nokia phone.

The skins are available to download for free on KD Player's website as contributed by its users.

KD Player can be downloaded depending on the screen display that a mobile phone would support.

The current screen displays available are, andfor different screen displays.

Kds' is text file that contains markup code which controls all the image layouts of the kdi in addition to font sizing with colour.

The creation and management of playlists is supported.

It is designed for mobile phones running platforms.

Kd Player Free Download

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